Broken Front Teeth
The Big Dog and the Wine Glass Accident: Broken Front Teeth

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Accidents Happen, and can result in Broken Front Teeth.

Unfortunately, there are accidents.  I’ve seen an uptick in fractured teeth in San Diego due to the new scooters and outdoor activities.

This patient is a 28 year old female who was injured walking her big dog.  Apparently, the leash pull plus the uneven sidewalk plus a couple glasses of wine caused the teeth to meet pavement.

We restored her Broken Front Teeth with All Ceramic Crowns in about about two weeks.  She needed a trip to the laboratory for a custom stain with our technician to make the color match perfect.  She was happy with her result and vowed to take a flashlight when walking her dog at night.

The same types of fractures can happen If you play in contact sports.  Please talk to us about a sports guard that will help protect your teeth.  We make these in-house and usually have a 2 day turnaround.

Happy New Year!   Let’s stay dental-accident-free in 2019!

-Dr. H

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