Cosmetic Bonding
Cosmetic Bonding is A Great Alternative:

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This is a 28 year old female patient who was unhappy with the spacing of her lateral teeth.  We discussed all of the options including Invisalign or Braces and placing Veneers.  She wanted to try Cosmetic Bonding as a conservative first step.

This is a common complaint.  Teeth that are crowded or spaced cause esthetic issues.  I routinely talk with patients about how we can most effectively improve the smile in the most conservative way possible.  I will point out that the problem lies in the tooth positioning and bite.  Straightening the teeth should be the first priority.

When patients reject the cost or treatment length of braces or invisalign, we talk about other more invasive options.  I consider this type of cosmetic bonding a ‘temporary fix’ because of the maintenance involved in keeping the teeth looking great.  We often have to fix chips or composite fractures.  It is plastic, after all.

A better but more aggressive approach to fixing this problem is with Porcelain Veneers or Single Porcelain Crowns.  The concern I have about these choices is that we sacrifice healthy enamel to get a great final result.  This is an irreversible process and should be considered the last resort.

With Cosmetic Bonding, we do a minimal surface prep (sanding).  Then we chemically prepare the teeth and do the bonding process to close spacing or improve teeth shape.  This is a conservative approach with minimal structure loss.  We rarely anesthetize teeth for the process which means it is very superficial.

This procedure took about an hour.  Bonding, polishing and adjusting.  She was very happy with her result.

-Dr. H

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