Stop Covering Up Your Smile!

Sometimes Nature needs a little help for you to achieve a smile to be proud of.  Cosmetic Dentistry is not an expensive and scary term.  In my office, I start with the basic question- what would you like to see in the mirror (and your Instagram feed)?

The foundation of a healthy and beautiful smile is whiteness and cleanliness.  We currently offer BOOST! chairside whitening system.  In combination with take-home whitening trays, BOOST has been shown to be effective, as well as greatly reducing post-treatment sensitivity.

If whitening (and your hygiene visit) is not enough to meet your expectation, we will talk about other options-  Invisalign or orthodontics to straighten your teeth, or cosmetic bonding or veneers to correct structural issues.

I would love to chat with you about improving your smile in the most conservative and effective way possible.


-Dr. H

Cosmetic Dentistry- Invisalign
Cosmetic Dentistry- Whitening

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