Crowns and Implants Rehab
Implants and Crowns: A Complete Rehabilitation

Welcome to my Case Blog if this is your first time here!  These are my actual patients with no editing.  If there are any questions about the case or process, please post below and I can answer them.  I’m trying to write one every other week, so stay posted and give me a thumbs up!

This patient is a 50 year old female with severe wear.  Her main complaints were that she smiles and people cannot see her teeth.  Also, she had a lot of sensitivity to cold and sweets.

Unless drastic action was taken, she would lose a lot of teeth or need a lot of root canals.  The best option is always to save healthy teeth if possible.  We chose to restore all of her teeth with Metal-Ceramic Crowns and replace the missing ones with Dental Implants.

Advanced Prosthodontics Training is important for managing a complex rehabilitation case like this one.  Our specialty training in Prosthodontcs is for  3 years (after dental school).

To restore a case like this, comprehensive records must be precise.  Before starting, I make a roadmap for the final outcome by doing study models and a diagnostic waxup.  This prepares the technician and makes the process smooth for our patients.

This case took about 2 months to complete with a very happy patient!

Dr. H



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