Dental Implant Care Basics
Dental Implants are Awesome: A Couple Tips on Care Basics

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Dental Implants Need Love Too!  

A dental implant, like natural teeth, requires periodic maintenance with the Hygienist.  Plaque accumulation and gum measurement monitoring are very important to keep the implant healthy and problem-free.

The hygienist will use special implant-specific instruments to clean around your implants.  Depending on the pocket depth, we might recommend a laser cleaning or antimicrobial rinsing agents.

Home care is slightly different for implants.  I routinely recommend waterpik use as well as ultrasonic toothbrush.  Flossing may be a bit tricky, so be sure to fully understand how we would like you to do that at home.

I recommend routine cleaning visits at least twice a year, with periodic xrays to monitor the bone levels.  This is an easy appointment and gives you peace of mind (and a clean-mouth feeling)!


-Dr H




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