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Dental Implant Maintenance

Dental Implant Maintenance – What you should know:

In most cases only routine maintenance is needed (Checkups/Cleanings) once an implant has healed properly, and the prosthetic crown has been placed.

Like natural teeth, Dental Implants need care at home, and by the Dentist and Hygienist.  Special measures must be taken to care for your new tooth!

First and foremost, just because the Dental Implant cannot get a cavity does not mean you should skip the dental visit.  The hygienist will clean buildup from the gumline, and polish your implant.  This is very important in maintaining bone levels around the neck of the implant.

Flossing is also important since the implant body within your jawbone is usually much narrower than the original tooth root.  Food may become trapped under the implant crown, and cause gum problems which will deteriorate your jawbone.

Checkup Xrays are also very important to make sure no problems arise.  Periodic follow up is necessary to compare bone density over time.  Accelerated bone loss may be reduced or reversed if caught in time.

Occasionally, there are issues with a screw becoming loose or porcelain chipping.  In very rare occurrences the implant is lost.

If a complication arises, we make every effort to salvage the restoration at minimal cost.

We stress periodic exams and routine follow-ups for all of our patients, especially those with implants.

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