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Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implant Cost:

Dental implants have the illusion of being expensive and ‘cost-prohibitive’.   Although every case is different, we try to minimize the out-of-pocket cost to every patient.

Major variables in a typical implant case is surgical difficulty and medical history.  Cost varies due to the materials we use, and the scope of your case.

Some insurance plans will partially cover implant restorations; our treatment coordinator will work with your insurance company to maximize your benefit.

We utilize top of the line implant systems such as NEO BIOTECH, IMPLANT DIRECT, STRAUMANN, HIOSSEN and NOBEL BIOCARE, and we have been using the same boutique laboratories for many years.  Our technicians understand our demand for quality, esthetics and anatomic form.

With the level of training and expertise, our specialists are UNDERPRICED, with fees competitive with most general dentists’ fees.  We strive to provide each patient with superior treatment at an affordable price.

When you visit our office and meet our specialists you will understand the difference!

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