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The Dental Implant Process

The Dental Implant Process involves a surgical phase-installing the Implant- and a restorative phase- installing the new tooth.

Before We Begin:

Proper diagnosis and all treatment options and financial options must be discussed. Once you make the decision that implants are the right decision for you, we will begin the Dental Implant Process.

Our goal is to make the process as predictable and successful as possible, through proper planning.  We will take records, Xrays, and photos before we get started.  We will order the proper Dental Implant sizes, and a surgical guide if necessary.

Surgical Procedure:

After anesthesia is given, our surgeon will prepare the area for Dental Implant placement.  A series of drills will be used to get your jaw ready to accept the implant, and Xrays will be taken to verify the position.  Stitches will keep the area sealed for faster healing.

The Healing Phases:

There are two healing phases.  The first and most obvious one is the 2-3 days following surgery when the area is healing.  You will notice some soreness.  After 10 days, your stitches will be removed, and the Dental Implant will be healing quietly for the next 10-24 weeks.

The Restorative Process:

When the Dental Implant is ready to be put to use, dental impressions will be made.  Generally 2-3 weeks are necessary for our technician to create your new porcelain teeth.

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