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Dental X-Rays San Diego

Dental X-Rays for Children:

Our San Diego office utilizes the latest in dental x-ray technology.

A fraction of the radiation exposure is necessary to obtain images of your child’s teeth (both already inside the mouth and also that are still developing under the gumline).

The  Diagnodent can catch early cavities on the biting surface of teeth.  Dental X-rays help to find cavities between teeth.

These images are usually necessary at their first evaluation, and every 6 month interval. Dental X-rays are an important tool in the evaluation of cavities, as well as generalized growth and development.

Caries in children can start very early and spread extremely quickly. Since the enamel layer on children’s teeth is much thinner than on adult teeth, small cavities become root canal problems very quickly.

There is a much greater danger to your child’s teeth by NOT taking routine X-rays if a diagnosis is missed due to lack of information.

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