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Dentures and Partials

About Dentures and Partials and Denture Reline:

Dentures and Partials are made of acrylic which wears out over time. Hundreds of thousands of chewing cycles will wear out the biting surfaces of the teeth, and flatten out the back teeth. This in turn may wear out the front teeth and makes them much shorter. Denture Reline may be necessary for ill-fitting dentures.  Also, acrylic stains and becomes brittle over time.

Dentures may need replacing due to poor fit. Poor suction that needs adhesive to secure your dentures may be aggravating. Denture Reline may be necessary over time to make them fit better. Studies have shown that the supporting bony structures underneath dentures resorb over time causing Dentures and Partials to fit less securely over time. A prosthodontist is an expert at fabrication of dentures and Denture Reline. Impression technique is paramount in making Dentures and Partials that fit as well as your anatomy allows.

We are not satisfied until you are pleased with your final result.

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