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Denture Process

The Denture Process:

The fabrication of implant overdentures is slightly different than making traditional dentures.

Implant Placement:  Implants must be placed either at the time of initial tooth extraction, or following the healing period.  Your Dental Implants need to heal for about 3 months.

Once your implants are ready, and following the satisfactory completion of dentures, your implants will be uncovered and ‘activated’.  You will finally be able to snap your dentures to your implants!

Even though your new implant-supported overdentures are more secure, they still must be maintained and cleaned.  Yearly examinations are necessary to evaluate the fit and connection between the denture and the implant.

The internal plastic housings will need to be changed periodically.  You may notice that the ‘snap’ is not as tight as it used to be.  This is an indication to make an appointment for an evaluation.

The process of modifying your dentures to accommodate the implants takes about an hour. This Denture Process is important to make a long-lasting and secure denture.

You will experience a dramatic difference in your quality of life knowing that your dentures are secure and their removal is now in your control!

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