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Diode Laser San Diego

The Diode Laser:

Want to learn more about how our San Diego team utilizes the Dental Diode Laser during your cleaning visit? You are in the right place.The Dental Diode Laser was designed specifically to treat gum and other soft tissue in the mouth safely and comfortably.

The diode soft tissue laser is a breakthrough in periodontal therapy. The Hygienist uses the laser to improve the effectiveness of cleanings.  

We commonly use the laser during hygiene visit.  Bacteria is the main cause of gum disease. This laser sterilizes the gum tissue by killing bacteria under your gums.

Many procedures are possible that greatly reduce the discomfort of patients. Healing time is greatly reduced and bleeding is eliminated in many procedures.

Laser Dentistry can be used for many types of dental procedures including:

  • Non-Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease
  • Shortens the Duration of Cold Sores and Canker Sores
  • Desensitizing Teeth with Recession
  • Gingival Pocket Reduction

This device also eliminates uncomfortable procedures associated with dental impressions. It improves the final outcome while saving time!

The Laser can be harmful to eyes. Anyone in the treatment room when the laser is being used must wear special protective glasses.

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