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Laser Procedures

Dental Laser Procedures:

Diode Laser Dentistry can be used for many types of dental procedures including:

-Non-Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease

-The Removal of Diseased Tissue Lining Gingival Pockets

-Bacterial Decontamination within Pockets

-Stimulation of Collagen Fibers Promoting Reattachment

-Successive Appointments will Guide Tissue Reattachment

-Shortens the Duration of Cold Sores and Canker Sores

-Desensitizing Teeth with Recession

-Gingival Pocket Reduction

-Excision Surgery

-Biopsies on Pathologic Tissue

-Cauterization of Bleeding Tissue

Dental Laser Procedures improve your overall health by reducing bacteria in critical areas.  Hygiene appointments just got an upgrade!

This advanced technology is a gentler way to perform some dental procedures and is an alternative to traditional scalpels.  The patient will feel the difference!

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