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Early Childhood Caries San Diego

Early Childhood caries is a preventable and treatable disease which affects many children across the country every year. It costs a great deal of time, effort, and money to treat a problem which can be avoided. There are some simple and effective measures of prevention you can follow to prevent this from occurring to your child.


Early Childhood caries is a disease that can destroy your child’s the teeth at a very young age. It can also affect the permanent teeth if it is not treated early enough.

The disease occurs when a child’s teeth are frequently exposed to sugar for long periods of time. In most children, this translates to sleeping with a bottle or ‘sippy cup’. The damage can be caused by milk, breast milk, condensed milk products, formula, fruit juice, soda pop and other sweetened liquids.

When a baby is put to bed with a bottle or ‘sippy’ cup, the liquid collects around the teeth and the sugar ‘bathes’ the teeth throughout the night causes cavities to start and spread rapidly.

We detect Early Childhood Caries by a comprehensive evaluation, and our San Diego doctors give recommendations on how to treat it going forward.

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