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Hygiene is the CORNERSTONE of Optimal Dental Health.  A dental hygienist is a licensed oral health professional who focuses on preventing and treating oral disease in order to protect the oral cavity, and also to protect the patients’ total health.

They are graduates of accredited dental hygiene education programs in colleges and universities, and must pass a written national board examination and a clinical examination to obtain state licensure.

The hygienist cares about the health of your teeth and gums and works hard at protecting and preserving your dentition.  A prophylaxis appointment will take approximately one hour, and is the foundation of good oral health.

After your examination, you will be ready for the preventive oral hygiene session. This is a 1-hour appointment where our hygienist takes the time to make sure your teeth are spotless!  Our EXCELLENT HYGIENEST is a professional dedicated to your receiving maximum longevity from your natural dentition.

At this time, you will have access to the latest theories and techniques for controlling dental disease. Specific approaches will be recommended for your individual needs, and the latest products will be discussed.

Preventative products such as Laser Treatment or Topical Fluoride are recommended for patients with higher maintenance requirements.

At this appointment your teeth and oral structures are evaluated and any issues are noted.  It is important to understand the correlation between periodontal health and cardiovascular disease.  We recommend at least 2 hygiene visits annually to maintain ideal oral health.

We consider this session to be one of the most FUN and medically beneficial services we offer to our patients.

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