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Immediate Dentures San Diego

Immediate Dentures are also know as ‘Temporary Dentures’. Immediate dentures are necessary since after extraction, you need to have teeth before leaving our office.

Losing all of your remaining natural teeth is one of the most traumatic things that happens to someone dentally and emotionally.  It is also one of the most difficult dental processes to go through as a patient.  We handle some of the most difficult cases in our office.

When teeth are lost a TRANSITIONAL PROSTHESIS is needed.  This is a temporary denture and it will be needed for a few months while the tissues and bony structures are healing.  The gums and supporting alveolar bony structures need to heal after extractions.  Tissues need to remodel before final dentures will fit securely.

This healing process and remodeling may take many months depending on the number of teeth lost, which arch they are lost in, and the extent of pathology surrounding the tooth roots.

The temporary period usually lasts for 4 months.  We reline and adjust your temporary dentures along the way.  Eating and speaking are important, as is your comfort level.

We will discuss implant options and Implant Bridges prior to your surgical date.  The standard of care is for 2 implants to be placed as an Implant Overdenture.  We will discuss the final goals and your expected process.

We will do our best to make sure you are comfortable during this process, with many post-op appointments to re-line and adjust these provisional dentures. If you live in San Diego, contact us with any questions you have regarding immediate dentures!

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