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Implant Overdentures San Diego

About Implant Overdentures:

The major complaint of denture wearers is the looseness of the lower denture.  Looseness is a usually a result of dissolving of the lower jawbone.  Studies have shown that the lower jaw without any teeth will dissolve at a rate 4X that of the upper jawbone.

Implants offer security of the denture by allowing the denture to ‘clip in’ and prevent lateral movement.  A lower denture is supported by 2 implants and is the standard of care. Patients have reported a much greater degree of satisfaction with their Implant Overdentures.

The main factors causing the mandible to dissolve is the lack of teeth.  If teeth are present they will hold the vertical position of the jawbone.  Implants have been shown to maintain the level of bone. Less replacement of dentures is needed in the long run.

There is a financial consideration when discussing Implant Overdentures as a treatment option.

The cost will include the surgical placement of 2 implants.  Hardware is necessary to connect your denture to the implants.  Also, The modification process connects the denture to the implants.

Creating Implant Overdentures is a process.  Placement of implants is usually the first step. Next we will make records for your new dentures.  Once the dentures are ready, we place the hardware on top of the implants.  Then we modify your denture to accept the implant snaps.

The cost of implants is significant but the outcome protects your mandibular jawbone. Patients love the security that implant-retained overdenture will provide. Our San Diego team of doctors is ready to help you with all your implant overdenture needs!


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