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Insignia Custom Braces San Diego

About Insignia Custom Braces:

Like your fingerprints or a snow flake, your smile is uniquely you and because of that our Orthodontist believes that you deserve orthodontic treatment designed just for you. Insignia is a computerized design system that allows the orthodontist to design your treatment around your individual needs. As a result of the Doctor’s design work and forward thinking efforts Insignia is able to create custom braces and wires built just for you and the needs that make your treatment and your new smile unique.

Because each aspect of your braces have been tailored to your individual needs, tooth movement is optimized providing exceptional comfort during treatment, fewer office visits and with your cooperation a reduction in the amount of time you will wear your braces. In addition, Insignia allows the Doctor to share expectations and goals for your results before treatment begins.

Insignia Custom Braces uses 3-D modeling we are able to share designs for your new smile with you.  This allows us to create a layer of meticulous detail that insures the fastest and most predictable results possible. Contact us at our San Diego office to discuss if insignia Custom Braces is the right fit for you.

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