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Metal-Ceramic Crown San Diego

A Metal-Ceramic Crown is also known as a Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown or Ceramo-Metal Crown.

When a tooth has a large cavity or has been treated by a root canal, the structural integrity of that tooth is compromised.  A crown may be necessary to save that tooth with the least amount of problems long-term.  When discussing the type of crowns available to be placed, there are options to be considered.

Ceramo-Metal Crown:  On back teeth where esthetics are and issue, porcelain crowns with a gold substructure are the treatment of choice.  The gold structure underneath the porcelain adds strength and yet provides a great seal around the edges of the crown thereby preventing leakage and thus cavities underneath.  These restorations are very natural looking and are proven to be long lasting.

A Metal-Ceramic Crown looks just like your natural tooth! When choosing what is the right fit for you, call our San Diego office to schedule an appointment to discuss metal-ceramic crowns with one of our doctors.

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