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Orthodontic Treatment San Diego

When describing orthodontics, most people just refer to braces. While the majority of orthodontic cases involve braces, there are also appliances that may be needed before braces and retainers that are use afterwards to keep the teeth straight. Want to learn more about orthodontics and if it is a right fit for you? Ask our San Diego team of experts about orthodontic treatment.


  1. Reduce the risk of injury – prominent teeth are more prone to trauma
  2. Reduce the risk of decay – crooked teeth are harder to clean
  3. Reduce the risk of developing TMJ problems
  4. Eliminate the excessive wear on your teeth that can be caused by a poorly aligned bite
  5. Correcting abnormal tooth alignment can help prevent certain speech problems
  6. Straight teeth provide a healthier, more attractive smile
  7. A beautiful smile increases confidence and self-esteem

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