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Primary Teeth Restorations

About Primary Teeth Restorations and Fillings:

As in adult teeth, there are many different types of Primary Teeth Restorations and Fillings available.  Even though baby teeth will eventually ‘fall out’, the proper treatment of disease is important for your child’s health.  Often times, a baby cavity may have an infection under the gumline that can affect the permanent tooth from developing normally.  It is our objective to treat the problem once with the proper type of restoration and have that restoration in service until the eventual loss of the primary tooth.

Recommendations will be made based on the extent of the problem, and the expected longevity of the tooth and esthetic nature of the restoration.

Baby teeth sometimes need fillings or crowns.  There is a difference between filling materials or crown types.  Silver stainless steel crowns are commonly used, as are white and silver filling materials.

Primary Teeth Restorations options exist that are both very esthetic and quite durable.  Cavities on front teeth will always be restored using a white (composite) material.  Back teeth with problems requiring a crown to protect against further decay have either the option of silver colored crown or a silver crown with a white facing.  The second option while more esthetic may not be as durable and may not be covered by your dental insurance.

Ask your Dentist to explain treatment options that exist for your child and the expected longevity of each type of restoration.

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