Veneers: A Recent Case
Veneers and a struggling Actor:

Welcome to my Case Blog if this is your first time here!  These are my actual patients with no editing.  If there are any questions about the case or process, please post below and I can answer them.  I’m trying to write one every other week, so stay posted and give me a thumbs up!

This is a 36 year old male who wanted to get into acting.  He was studying theatre and his classmates suggested a little dental work to improve his smile. 

He had esthetic concerns and previous tooth fracture and discoloration.  Veneers are a great option to improve his smile!

We improved his smile with 8 porcelain veneers. We had a fantastic outcome and the patient was super happy.

If you look closely, you might find this smile in a Netflix movie (no name-dropping here)! 


-Dr. H

Examples of Veneers

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