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Sedation Dentistry San Diego

About Sedation Dentistry:

Want to learn more about how our San Diego team of dentists uses sedation in dentistry? You are in the right place. There are three main types of sedation in Dentistry.  Oral Sedation involves taking Halcion, Valium or Xanax. Intravenous Sedation is administered by a Dental Anesthesiologist.  Nitrous Oxide provides a sedative effect.


Patients who are more anxious may need an oral medication that is stronger than nitrous oxide to effectively calm their anxiety and allow them to tolerate treatment. With oral sedation, the patient may be sleepy but can be awakened if necessary and can respond to simple commands.   Prior to the administration of oral sedation, the patient should not have any food or liquid for up to 6 hours before the treatment to allow the medication to work effectively and to prevent side effects such as vomiting. After the sedation the patient will be groggy for a few hours and will require some rest that day until the effects of the medication have worn off. This method is the most widely-used in order to make the visit more comfortable for the patient.


IV Sedation Dentistry, also known as Deep Conscious Sedation is commonly used by dentist to achieve a deeper level of sedation by giving the medication directly into the blood stream through an IV. With IV Sedation the medication can be adjusted to achieve the optimal level of sedation as needed throughout the treatment. The amnesia with this is greater and so is the sedation level, leading to a more comfortable and tolerable procedure for the patient.  This method is useful when the patient is very anxious, and would like to be ‘sleeping’ during the procedure.  Little to nothing is remembered after the procedure is completed.  Please be advised that a DENTAL ANESTHESIOLOGIST, and may incur additional fees.

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