Types of Braces:

Our Orthodontist can perform all types of teeth straightening.  The options include Invisalign, Damon Clear Braces, Insignia, Special Retainers and Traditional Braces.

Traditional Braces are the metal or clear ceramic brackets that attach to the front of your teeth.  Wires direct the movement in small increments.  Sometimes elastics are used to increase directional movement.  Retainers are always needed after completing braces.

Invisalign is the clear retainer system that is the preferred alternative to brackets and wires.  We will take models of your teeth and outline where your teeth should move.  This is then rendered into a computer generated animation for us to share with you.  After the impressions we will attach ‘nubs’ to your teeth that create movement.  These ‘nubs’ are tooth colored but stick out a little bit from your tooth surface.  After Invisalign, retainers are also needed.

Insignia Custom Braces are a great addition to our services.  Your teeth are scanned by a 3-D scanner and sent to the Insignia company.  Then, like invisalign, your teeth will have a template created to attach the brackets with.  This makes the movements of teeth more predictable.  Retainers are needed following Insignia.

Damon Clear is the most modern approach to traditional braces.  The Damon bracket system has an open/close mechanism to make it easier to change wires.  Also, because there is no rubber band holding the wire to the bracket, the teeth can move laterally more easily.  The success of the Damon system is based on light movements over a longer course of time.

Our Orthodontist would love to chat with you about your treatment options and is primarily focused on the best outcome for you!


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