Whiter Smile, Straighter Teeth

Whether it is a whiter smile or straighter teeth,  we have you covered.

I see a lot of cases where patients would like to make improvements.  First and foremost, hygiene maintenance is incredibly important.  Maintaining the general structure and the gum tissue at your hygienist appointment effectively makes the jawbone surrounding your teeth remain rock-solid.  If you have perfect teeth but they are loose due to bone loss, what is the good in that?

That said, I try to steer patients into doing the most conservative treatment options first such as re positioning with orthodontics, or whitening.  In most cases improving upon your natural smile without aggressively preparing teeth really makes a huge difference.

If whitening and straightening is not enough, we can talk about more invasive yet game-changing options such as veneers or porcelain crowns.  Everyone has different goals, be sure to mention yours next time we’re sitting together!

-Dr. H

Straight, White Teeth

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